About The Guide

This comparative guide has been developed to assist the public in sorting
through the maze of nutritional supplements available today. The guide
does not endorse any product or manufacturer, nor does it make any health
claims. It simply documents and summarises recent findings in the scientific

Those manufacturers listed in our Top-Rated Products section
of the guide have been profiled to provide the consumer with information
on leading manufacturers and their products. NutriSearch did not request
nor did it receive remuneration from any of these manufacturers. This
information is provided by NutriSearch as a public service to readers of this
guide and to consumers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

This comparative guide was not commissioned by any public or private
body, trade association, or individual company. Research and development
of the guide was made possible through the combined creative efforts of
NutriSearch Corporation (Canada) and author, Lyle Mac William, MSc,
FE. All costs for the research, development, and publication of the guide
have been borne by NutriSearch Corporation and its publisher, Northern
Dimensions Publishing (Canada).

For purposes of analysis, this guide uses an independent analytical standard
developed by NutriSearch Corporation. To avoid the introduction of any
potential bias on the part of NutriSearch or the author, the NutriSearch
Blended Standard incorporates the published recommendations of 12
independent and leading authorities in nutritional science. Using a median
value of daily intakes as recommended by these authorities, the NutriSearch
Blended Standard is, to our knowledge, the only independent standard
currently available for comparing nutritional supplements .

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