What is the Comparative Guide? The NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements™ is a publication, now in its sixth edition, which summarizes recent findings in nutritional sciences and provides comparisons of over 1,600 broad-spectrum multiple vitamin and mineral supplements.

What is the blended standard? The Blended Standard is the benchmark created by NutriSearch for individual nutrient amounts since there is no other available standard for optimal nutrient amounts. Most authorities use DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) amounts or their predecessor RDA (Recommended Daily Allowances). Neither of these values provide optimal intake; rather, they are based on the minimum values to sustain life. The RDAs were originally developed to keep soldiers alive during World War II.

We created the Blended Standard by combining the published recommendations for optimal intake from twelve separate recognized authorities in the nutrition field. Full details are available in Chapter 8: Comparing Supplements of the sixth edition guide.

What are the health support criteria? Over the more than two decades since production began on the guide, NutriSearch developed several criteria based on important health concerns. Each of those criteria examine a different nutrition-related concern, such as Heart Health, Immune Support, and so on. The sixth edition now includes two HSP that focus on recent revelations in nutrition science surrounding gene expression, Healthy Aging Support and LifeSpan Essentials. Other criteria have been combined for a total of sixteen HSP.

What is the NutriSearch medals of achievement program (NMAP)? It’s not enough for a product to include a wide variety of nutrients; equally important, perhaps even more so, is the quality of manufacturing. NutriSearch developed NMAP so that manufacturers of products reaching a high Star Rating (four stars or more) against the Blended Standard and Health Support Criteria have an opportunity to demonstrate superior quality. NMAP requires third-party certification of Good Manufacturing Practices, laboratory analysis of ingredients, and third party testing for purity to award Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum medals. Full details can be found in Chapter 9: Product Rating Criteria in the sixth edition guide.

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